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US-1781678-A: Corn popper patent, US-1781905-A: Printing telegraphy patent, US-1782323-A: Cross-folding machine patent, US-1782834-A: Apparatus for rendering displays visible from all sides patent, US-1783428-A: Pressure-control mechanism for vacuum heating systems patent, US-1783999-A: Salute and method of making same patent, US-178416-A: Improvement in horse-collars patent, US-1784635-A: Jewelry patent, US-1785139-A: Process of producing metallic cadmium from cadmium-containing material patent, US-1785215-A: Film punch patent, US-1785809-A: Combination sign and awning patent, US-1786277-A: Vault ventilator patent, US-178674-A: Improvement in express-calls patent, US-178677-A: Improvement in floor-clamps patent, US-1786840-A: Button patent, US-1786985-A: Magnetic pickup patent, US-1787198-A: Photographic device patent, US-1788470-A: Electrooptical system patent, US-1788819-A: Radiator support patent, US-1790000-A: Illuminated train-order hoop patent, US-179008-A: Improvement in shade-cord retainers patent, US-1790105-A: Cotton-topping apparatus patent, US-1790227-A: Ceramic tile patent, US-1790326-A: Mine cab patent, US-1791297-A: Card index patent, US-1791803-A: Device for gauging the camber and toe-in of automobile wheels patent, US-1792614-A: Reenforcing structure for blast-furnace casings patent, US-1793094-A: Drilling valve patent, US-1793724-A: Spring assembly for upholstery patent, US-179474-A: Improvement in the manufacture of gas for illuminating and heating patent, US-179488-A: Improvement in cop-winders patent, US-1795846-A: Car or table transfer means patent, US-1798078-A: Projection surface particularly for use in connection with advertisements patent, US-1798720-A: Weather strip patent, US-1799487-A: Carburetor patent, US-1801965-A: Process for decolorizing acetone and methylene oils patent, US-1802415-A: Storage-battery connection patent, US-1802717-A: Window frame and sash construction patent, US-1803255-A: Pressure-gauge attachment patent, US-1804036-A: Fluid flow meter patent, US-1804618-A: Needle loader for sewing machines patent, US-1807090-A: Charging means for electric furnaces patent, US-1807244-A: Adhesive composition patent, US-1807480-A: Compact plate holding ring patent, US-180858-A: Improvement in duplex telegraphs patent, US-1809677-A: Carburetor patent, US-1809971-A: Dust cover for tie-rods or the like patent, US-1810885-A: Method of tapering metal tubes patent, US-1810958-A: Armored cable connecter fitting patent, US-1813731-A: Automatic gear shift patent, US-1813945-A: Floor stand patent, US-181451-A: Improvement in surveying-instruments patent, US-1814767-A: Horn attachment for string musical instruments patent, US-1814821-A: Shears patent, US-1815291-A: Bathroom equipseewt patent, US-1815517-A: Means and method for interlocking bolts and nuts patent, US-1815828-A: Air compressing machine patent, US-1816664-A: Cable connecter patent, US-1817302-A: Combined coat and vest patent, US-1817436-A: Rubber shackle patent, US-1817724-A: Indicating device patent, US-1818352-A: Outlet box and plug patent, US-1819427-A: Combination pocket smoker's accessory patent, US-1819616-A: Metal furniture patent, US-1819647-A: Manufacture of goods of rubber or similar material patent, US-1819696-A: Door hardware with screw projections patent, US-1819972-A: Switching conveyer patent, US-1821301-A: Pin for artificial teeth patent, US-1821430-A: Focusing spotlight patent, US-1822144-A: Electric time clock correction patent, US-1822552-A: Cover for loose leaf books patent, US-1822990-A: Muffler patent, US-1823097-A: Process of purifying technical ammonium chloride liquors patent, US-1823139-A: Ground connection patent, US-182409-A: Improvement in horse-powers patent, US-1824231-A: Candle socket patent, US-1824775-A: Hair curling device patent, US-1825235-A: Hopper car patent, US-1825391-A: Steering wheel patent, US-182558-A: Improvement in bird-cages patent, US-182563-A: Improvement in lamp-shades patent, US-1825852-A: Transmission mechanism patent, US-1826929-A: Magnetic clutch patent, US-1827422-A: Brake patent, US-1827867-A: Engine starter patent, US-1828214-A: Pistol cap patent, US-1828690-A: Method of utilizing magnesian rock in the preparation of calcium-magnesium bisulphite liquor in towers patent, US-182881-A: Improvement in box-scrapers patent, US-182885-A: Improvement in sawing-machines patent, US-1829062-A: Wind-wheel vane patent, US-1829428-A: Slicing machine patent, US-1829695-A: Matrix for typographical machines patent, US-1830373-A: Revolving truck loading structure patent, US-1830482-A: Metallic singletree or doubletree patent, US-1830596-A: Adjustable mounting for picture projection apparatus patent, US-1831802-A: Wheel scraping apparatus and the like patent, US-1832058-A: Window construction patent, US-1832861-A: Fluid pressure brake patent, US-1833284-A: Blowing mechanisms for glass working machines patent, US-1833773-A: Door holder patent, patent, patent, patent, 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